I am currently evaluating FMod for a Windows 8 modern UI project, where we need to be able to play various file formats (correctly handled by fmod), and transcode them to DLNA-capable devices.
Is this scenario supported in FMod for metro out of the box ?

If not, I would like to know if the following approach seems reasonable:
-Use FMod to decode music files (flac, mp3…)
-Instead of playing the file, transfer the decoded samples as raw PCM in a Windows MediaFoundation MediaStream
-Use Playto / DLNA feature included in Windows Media Foundation to transfer audio data to the Device (Xbox, DLNA capable HIFI set…)

Thanks in advance,

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Hi Simon,

Yes you can grab the raw PCM from any loaded FMOD sound object using the lock()/unlock() functions. If you want FMOD to play and mix the audio, you can write a custom DSP that can be placed near the top of the tree to capture final PCM output, or even write a custom output device.

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