Hello Everyone!

I’m developing interactive music for Unity3D game using XM tracker format instead of WAV loops and I’ve run across a problem.
I’m using single 4 bar patterns saved from MilkyTracker placed in ‘theme’ objects inside ‘cues’. My problem is that they loop even though there is no
loop added in segment properties / segment links. It would not be a real problem if I didn’t want to play a theme only once (no looping) on some occasions.
I tried to terminate XM pattern with F00 or D00 commands (F00 sets tempo to zero which should be equivalent to wav file end, D00 in theory should jump to first beat of next pattern which in this case does not exist so I assumed it would stop playing)
Have any of you experimented with tracker formats in FMOD?
Thank you in advance

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I hope this isn’t a bug.. I am fairly new to FMOD and interactive audio so I might be doing something wrong. When I audition cues in audition console and try to trigger next cue by pressing cue button (as presented by Stephan Shutze in his video – FMOD Tutorial 9) nothing happens unless I set default transition to crossfade in theme properties. Is this a bug? Seems to work fine with WAV files that loop only when asked to. I might have to work around this but thought I’d ask and learn something about FMOD.

Great forum BTW! :)

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