I’m currently using VS2012 and I’m getting the following error that I can’t seem to figure out.

error C2065: ‘FMOD_CHANNEL_FREE’ : undeclared identifier

I should have everything included that I need but it still can’t find it. If someone could lend a hand or at least help me narrow my search if you know where its supposed to be declared.

Here is the function thats giving me the error.
[code:2vn73xf4]bool cAudio::Play (int index)
if (m_soundList != NULL)
if (m_soundList->find (index) != m_soundList->end ())
if ((m_soundList) [index]->sound != NULL)
FMOD_RESULT res = m_audio->playSound (FMOD_CHANNEL_FREE, (
m_soundList)[index]->sound, true, &((*m_soundList)[index]->channel));

            if (res != FMOD_OK)
                return false;

            (*m_soundList) [index]->channel->setLoopCount (0);
            (*m_soundList) [index]->channel->setPaused (false);

            return true;
        return false;


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FMOD_CHANNEL_FREE can be found in fmod.h, it is a member of the FMOD_CHANNELINDEX enum.

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