Hi all,

I’m trying to add some per event user-properties to multi-track events.. String, Int types work fine.. Floating point types are another issue.. They don’t work..

Setting a property as floating point, entering value, saving the project, running the code and extracting the user property is return the incorrect value.. Well, not entirely incorrect.. Divided by 11.. Seriously..

Looking at the saved FDP, the value in the property is the value I get in code, the wrong one! But in Designer the value is displayed correctly..

The value in the FDP is actually the entered value divided by 11, and this is the value saved into the FEV when it’s built.. But somehow Designer does have the corret value inside somewhere because it displays it correctly..

Looking at the code I suspect it’s a problem with the QT toDouble() (and friends) function you’re using..

Is this an old bug, maybe fixed somewhere along the line (we’re still on 4.44) ? Or am I looking for a working around, like multiplying all floating point user-properties by 11 when I fetch them.. Which works, but is disgusting beyond belief..


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Lesson learnt!

For those who might end up here searching the same thing..

Do not define user-properties with names that match the names of parameters internally used otherwise Designer gets a bit confused..

In our case, calling a property "Length" was getting confused with an internal representation of the the range of an internal parameter which used the name "Length" as well, which resulted in some scaling of the value taking place..

This’ll happen with most of the other Properties defined in a dialog somewhere.. Volume, Reverb Wet Level, Pitch, Mode etc..

I suggest prefixing all of your user-properties with some common string ie:"User_Length" etc.. to be on the safe side..

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