I’m currently in my final year of university, developing a product which will interface with the user via binaural sound. I’m currently at a stage where I can prototype the product, and I have written a relatively basic C++ program in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 using the FMod Ex library. I’ve experimented with using MyEars to create the 3D sound, but in my experience it leaves much to be desired. Azimuth location (horizontal panning) works relatively well, but distance and elevation (y and z) don’t seem to have an effect.

Therefore, I have two questions.

a) Is there any guide or instructions, or even specific things to bear in mind when positioning objects in FMod that could be causing the problems with hearing the sounds in 3D?

b) Do any of you know any alternative HRTFs that I can use, where I would obtain them, and how to integrate them into the program I’m writing? A generalised HRTF would probably be better than a user specific one anyway.

Thanks, and I look forward to your replies,


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