I’m using iOS, and trying to change the polyphony of a Simple Event via the API. Very beginner stuff. I’m a little confused on how I get polyphony as a parameter, I’ve tried the following, but it doesn’t have any effect (though doesn’t cause any crashes):

To get the parameter in my viewDidLoad method:

[code:3dxjc6lm]result = event->getParameter("polyphony", &myParameter);[/code:3dxjc6lm]

Then to set it in my sliderChanged method:

[code:3dxjc6lm]result = eventPar->setValue(_numberOfPeopleSlider.value);[/code:3dxjc6lm]

Am I doing something wrong? How do I access polyphony, and for instance, grain interval, total grains, etc. here? Are they parameters? I realise this is a Simple Event and parameters are usually associated with Multi-Track Events, is that right? If polyphony isn’t a parameter, what other mechanism do I need to use to access it?

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