I am working on a music player using FMOD on Windows 8 Metro environment.
I am using SubSounds / Sentences to implement gapless playing (my audio source is encoded in Flac and is gapless friendly).

So I’am using a sentence of 2 subsounds and everytime a subsound has ended, I change the other subsound with another Stream. It works great, but I think I’m encountering a bug when subsound 0 is long (6 minutes + of flac 44Khz / 16bit sound) and I transition to subsound 1:
– the position with FMOD_TIMEUNIT_SENTENCE_MS seems completely weird
– the subsound 1 transitions back to subsound 0 earlier than it should (it is skipping the end of the Stream).
– any attempt to seek in the Stream after that (using setPosition) fails

I’m using version 0x00044400 of the FMODex.

Thanks in advance,

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I just tried version 4.44.02, and I get the same problem.

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