Hi guys, first post here, and please forgive me, I’m the audio guy, not the programmer. 😮

I wanted to post because I figured I’d be able to get a better way to explain to my programmer what I need to do. I basically want to put a dynamic limiter on the master output. I’m just anticipating things clipping if they begin to stack out of hand, no matter how low I may have them mixed. Perhaps this is not even a concern, but coming from the mixing world, I don’t know if the game engines have ways of detecting things and pulling them back. This is my first experience on a real game with middleware. My prog is using the API, not studio or anything.
A. Is there anyway to do this? or
B. Is this even a concern?

Thanks in advance if anyone can help!


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FMOD has a built in limiter DSP effect.

Use System::createDSPByType(FMOD_DSP_TYPE_COMPRESSOR, …) and then System::addDSP(…) which will place it on the master channel.

You can configure the limiter using DSP::setParameter(…) with the following parameter types.

Threshold level (dB) in the range from -60 through 0. The default value is 0.

Gain reduction attack time (milliseconds), in the range from 10 through 200. The default value is 50.

Gain reduction release time (milliseconds), in the range from 20 through 1000. The default value is 50.

Make-up gain (dB) applied after limiting, in the range from 0 through 30. The default value is 0.

If you want a higher quality effect you can also license the McDSP Master Limiter 1 for use on windows/xbox 360/ps3. See http://fmod.org/fmod-downloads.html for more info.

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That’s beautiful. I was looking through the docs but I don’t think I knew some if the things to look for. Thank you very much.

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