I’m working with IT modules saved by OpenMPT and Schism Tracker and not getting expected playback.

They make extensive use of IT resonant filter commands: Z00-Z7F for filter cutoff, and Z80-Z8F for filter resonance. These files are played approximately the same in OpenMPT and Schism Tracker. In FMOD Ex the filter commands have no discernible effect. I also tried an instrument filter envelope in OpenMPT and I still don’t hear any filtering. It would appear from the release notes that IT resonant filtering has been present since early builds of FMOD Ex. How do I get it working?

EDIT: FMOD_System_Init call:
[code:3mblvp34] int flags = (FMOD_INIT_NORMAL |
FMOD_System_Init(s_manager->system, 100, flags, 0));

I am guessing that the resonant filter is implemented as a DSP, so I assume I need software mixing.

FMOD_System_CreateSound call:
[code:3mblvp34] flags = FMOD_SOFTWARE;
FMOD_ERRCHECK(FMOD_System_CreateSound(system, real_path, FMOD_SOFTWARE, 0, sound));

If I insert an FMOD_DSP_TYPE_ITLOWPASS into the DSP chain for the FMOD channel, I can definitely hear the effect applied to the entire sound.

I’ve attached a very short module that demonstrates this issue.

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