Hi everyone !
Sorry if my questions might sound stupid and if my english isn’t perfect, anyway, I better ask them as I’m struggling…

I successfully set up my classes to handle vst plugins.
So I’m able to play a sound and add a vst effect to it.

Here are my questions :

1) When I want to destroy my vstplugin effect instance, I’m calling FMOD_DSP_Release(); then FMOD_DSP_Remove(); but if my VST loaded some data, it doesn’t seem to free this data too (like a soundbank). How can I do to efficiently free the memory ?

2) Some vst plugins doesn’t output any sound (some guitar amp simulator works great, but some others doesn’t at all). Did I miss something in the theory that could explain this ? Is it the same theory to get sound from vst instrument with a built-in keyboard (which I guess should trigger sound) ?

3) Is it possible to define a chaining priority ? Let’s say I have a sound with 3 vst (means a sound with 3 vst dsp). Is there a method to route my audio signal to theses vst, and set a kind of priority ? So I can swap my plugins in my chain.

4) Sometimes, I cannot retrieve the plugin width and height. It works 99% of the time, but for some plugins, it retrieves 0x0. Is there any workaround ?

Thanks a lot for your answers !
Cheers from France !

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