First I am a beginner in fmod.
Fmod designer I have 4.42.05 running on Windows 7 64 bit.
When I try a build project for PC, the program tells me "build failed"
I tried all the build options, may be this version of Fmod?
best regards

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I’ve managed to do the build but I’m not very happy.
The key is that I have not check the box template. I haven’t all of the sounds of the build in unity3d.. is strange.
Also for example I tried to do the build in the "example" that comes with fmod and it gives me error. The case is I’ve tried on my mac and if it works and the pc of my girlfriend too, but not in my center studio.
I tried several versions of Fmod on my pc and they have always the same errors.
I think there is a mistake with my window 7…

have someone the same errors?


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