Hi All,

I’ve studied they fmod KEYOFF examples "Cycle" & "Cycle Generated Sustain" at length, and have been successful in creating some new events from scratch that behave as the Cycle events in the fmod examples 2011 project.

The problem I am running into is only 20% of my "Cycle" type events are behaving like the demo, and the rest do not play the Cycle OFF SFX.
More often than not the event stops but the Cycle Off one shot SFX does not get played.
Sometimes the keyoff works but after I add remove layers form the initial event the Cycle Off sound does not play.

Is this a known issue?

I’m using Fmod 4.42.03 (Sept 2 2012) which according to the release notes should have this bug fixed as of version 4.29
http://delirium-wars.googlecode.com/svn … vision.txt

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