I have a project where we investigate the use of FLAC streams on a Windows Phone 8 store application.

I am facing an issue with the audio quality when playing a FLAC file through the FMOD lib.

I’ve made the following test :

  • purchase audio files from a major online music store that provides tracks in both FLAC & WMA lossless formats

  • modify the FMOD SDK sample project (play_sound) to have the FLAC files played through FMOD (I had to change the open mode to use streaming because otherwise loading would fail with a "not enough memory" error). Files are Embedded in the project, not pulled from the network.

    result = system->createSound(Common_MediaPath("myfile.flac"), FMOD_CREATESTREAM, 0, &sound2);
  • play the WMA lossless version of these files from WP8 classic player, and compare with how it plays in FLAC

I’ve tested this on 3 music files of different styles.
(i’ve checked files play fine in VLC player on a Windows desktpop)
Every time, the WMA lossless file played by the WP8 native player is very fine, but the FLAC file played through FMOD (using the sample app) has very poor quality (hard to describe with words).

Is there some fine tuning that is required in the code to get proper quality of FLAC playback with FMOD ?

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Hi Eric,

I can’t reproduce this issue on my Nokia Lumia 825. I’ve tested both 16 and 24 bit FLACS, and sampling rates up to 96kHz.

Can you capture the issue using the WAV-Writer output mode?

Modify the startup sequence of the sample to
result = system->setOutput(FMOD_OUTPUTTYPE_WAVWRITER);
result = system->setSpeakerMode(FMOD_SPEAKERMODE_STEREO);
Windows::Storage::StorageFolder^ localFolder = Windows::Storage::ApplicationData::Current->LocalFolder;
Platform::String^ outputPath = localFolder->Path + L"\out.wav";
char outputPathChar[256];
_snprintf_s(outputPathChar, 256, "%S", outputPath->Begin());
result = system->init(32, FMOD_INIT_NORMAL, (void*)outputPathChar);

and the use ISEtool to download the file from the phone.

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Hi Nick,

After witnessing this behaviour 5 times in a row, I decided to restart my phone (old habit).
And the problem vanished.
So I have no clue what could have been wrong, but it vanished.

Thanks for the support.


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