FMODEx package contains "Example" dir, where I found "PitchDetection". I analysed code and compiled it, but there is a problem: pitch detection is very inaccraute.
I changed 2 constans to get smallest BINSIZE as possibile:
[code:2i4iak3f]#define OUTPUTRATE 8192

define SPECTRUMSIZE 8192

define SPECTRUMRANGE ((float)OUTPUTRATE/2) /* 0 to nyquist */

define BINSIZE (SPECTRUMRANGE / (float)SPECTRUMSIZE )[/code:2i4iak3f]

I noticed that OUTPUTRATE should be lower than SPECTRUMSIZE to get BINSIZE < 0.5 . But I see the number of 8192 is the max for SPECTRUMSIZE (otherwise it says "An invalid parameter was passed to this function"). The situation looks like that:

How to determine frequency value change on every f.e. 0.1 Hz ?

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