How to combine stereo/binaural sound with 3D?
I have a 2D stereo sound, more accurately a binaural sound.
When I load as 2D sound, the sound is great, but when I load it as 3D sound, it becomes mono.

I read in the API that when loaded as 3D:
"A stereo sound when played as 3d, will be split into 2 mono voices internally which are separately 3d positionable, By default the subchannels position themselves in the same place, therefore sounding ‘mono’."

How do I access the subchannels?
using channel->set3DSpread?
What I want to achieve is to have a 3D environment for the user to hear binaural sounds and should react to the user’s head movements.
For example, the user first hears the binaural sound from the left, then when the user turns to face the left, the sound would seem like coming from the front.
Are there samples provided by FMOD?

Thank you

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