Under windows xp and VC++ 6.0, I use CreateProcees() to execute Windows Media Player and play a movie clip.
The movie clip played well, but sometimes all the consequent FSOUND calls fail to play any sound, after the termination of Media Player.
The most strange part is that if I set some breakpoint near the CreateProcess() section, the consequent FSOUND calls will work everytime.

my code looks like this:
WaitSingleObject(…); //wait for the termination of the created process
FOUND_Stream_Play(…); //It sometimes fails, and sometimes works.

Is this some kind of concurrent problem or something else?

Sincerely thank you for watching(and answering) this.

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Thank you.
After initializaing with the FSOUND_INIT_GLOBALFOCUS flag, the problem had been solved.

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