Having released my first product using FMOD (a WinCE program in eVC++), I thought I’d take a whack at something for VB on the PC.

I had VB6-Pro installed, but figured that, before I dove in too deep, an ‘upgrade’ to VB.NET Standard edition would be in order.

Seems to be a bad move on my part. Once doing this, and installing the latest version of fmod, I’ve run into one roadblock after another. For example, I am unable to get the sample projects to load (due to their being VB6). Searching the forum, I see that folks have used the upgrade wizard to get this working. However, that requires Visual Studio.Net (and gives me an error “Visual Basic 6.0 migration is not supported with this edition of Visual Studio.”

What should I do? Abort VB.NET and fall back to VB6?

Could someone post or email a “migrated” version of fmod and perhaps some of the examples that you have been looking at? I’d certainly appreciate it (as would others I’m sure).


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