Was kinda excited when 3.61 came out as it said the latency was reduced under Linux which was my biggest hangup about 3.6!!

I quickly recompiled and a quick test seemed to suggest that all was well!

I took my executable file around to my house (I don’t work from there, but have a media PC onto which I rip all my CDs as Ogg Vorbis files).

It seemed to work again, but then I started noticing major pops and scratches on Ogg files. I don’t have that many MP3s left now (re ripping as Ogg for quality reasons), but I don’t think the same problem was apparent with that format.

I’ll do some more tests and report back, but was wondering if anyone else had the same problem.

FYI: Linux Mandrake 9.0, Using ALSA soundcard CMI8739, using the FMOD OSS output (didn’t get ALSA output working!!) via ALSA projects OSS emulation layer. The latency exists in FMOD 3.6, but no pops. No latency in FMOD 3.61 but has pops.

Good work overall though. This could be my problem, although I don’t think so as a simple change to my Makefile to revert to 3.6 fixes the problems.

I’ll update in due course, but has anyone else had the same problem/explicitly not found the problem under Linux?

Cheers and Merry Chimbo and Happy New Year!!!

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Hi Brett,

Sorry for the delay in my reply, but I actually forgot about this post, which is very unlike me as I always try to say thanks etc. Getting the advice would help too!!!

So sorry ’bout that.

You appear to have been right though, as I compiled a few versions of my s/w with various buffersize settings (don’t have a compiler where it is getting used!) and even a 75ms buffer sounded great. You can still notice the latency a bit, so I’ll try 50 and 25, but reckon that’s probably what the defaults are, so not holding out much hope.

It seems I can use it now though, so thanks.

PS. In your next release of the api, can you stick a newline at the end of fmod_errors.h. I know it’s not essentail, but I get annoying warnings about no newline at the end of the file, that get in the way of all of my warnings!! LOL. That’s the Linux distribution if it’s separate from the others.

All the best.

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