I am working on a project which will require 15 individual speaker out. I must be able to pan the same sound across these speakers. The system is running Win64 with ASIO driver and the ADAT prototcol. The OUTPUTTYPE is set to ASIO. I am able to get up to 8 individual speaker outputs with SPEAKERMODE_RAW and extrainfo set to FMOD_SPEAKERMAPTYPE_ALLMONO or FMOD_SPEAKERMAPTYPE_ALLSTEREO. I target each speaker using an integer cast to FMOD_SPEAKER which works only for the first 8. The remaining outputs are copies of output 1 and 2 and any individual addressing is ignored.

My question is if anyone has successfully done this with the max 15 speakers as suggested in the comments for FMOD_SPEAKER and how have you achieved this? As far as I can tell there isn’t anything strange in the control panel for the audio card. There is a matrix for virtual patching which is set 1:1. I don’t have the details of the card while asking this but will comment on this thread later when I get to the machine.


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