From the past messages I can find on this topic, it sounds like there’s no way to play .ac3 files via FMOD. Is this correct? If not, how do I do it??

If it really can’t be done, does anyone know any other way to do it that can coexist with FMOD?

Here’s my situation: we’re already using FMOD to position mono .wav sounds in 3D. We need to keep doing this. But in addition, we also want to mix and record a 5.1 sound file which actually consists of several other sounds positioned three-dimensionally and played back as desired, then simply package that single 5.1 file along with our program, play it when desired, and have it output appropriately. That is, if we positioned sound A in the rear right and sound B in the front center when recording the .ac3 file, then when we eventually play the .ac3 file we should hear sound A coming from the rear right and sound B from the center.

I appreciate any help anyone can offer! It would obviously be ideal if FMOD could do this, but I’d like to hear of other possibilities if not. Or, is there a better way to do this than with .ac3 files–some technology we haven’t thought of?

Thanks! :)

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