Ok, so I’ve asked about this before … but I seem to have found an issue
with looping streaming sounds.

What I want to do is to load a streaming sound at the start of the program
Then have the option of playing the stream in a looped or un-looped mode

The way I am currently doing this is:

( I’ve omitted bits of code here (in case you hadn’t guessed ๐Ÿ˜‰ ))

// Load function
stream = FMSStream::OpenFile( "media/music.mp3", FSOUND_NORMAL, 0);

// The following is in some other part of the class

// Play the stream
int channel = FMSStream::Play( FSOUND_FREE, stream );

// Set the stream to loop
FMSChannel::SetLoopMode( channel, true );

So basically I start the stream, storing the channel handle, then set the
loop mode on the channel.


The stream plays briefly … then stops.

Is there some sort of function like the FSOUND_Sample_SetMode, but for
streams. That way I could set the loop mode of the stream before I play it.

I guess I could just open the stream each time it is called to be played, and
set the loop mode on load … but opening the stream each time I want to
play it seems bad

Just to let you know, if I open the stream with FSOUND_LOOP_NORMAL, it
loops as expected when I play it ….. but as I said I don’t want to open it
with this flag to allow the option of playing it either looped, or unlooped


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Out of curiousity, how difficult would it be to modify FMOD’s looping behavior for samples, streams and modules such that instead being a simple boolean “play once” vs. “loop forever” value, you could specify an integer loop count (with 0 representing “loop endlessly” and values >0 being the number of times to play the sound)?

I’m trying to use FMOD to provide a alternative sound implementation for [url=http://www.etc.cmu.edu/projects/panda3d:1mu5ms2b]an open-source 3D engine[/url:1mu5ms2b], and the inability to set a sound’s specific loop count is one of the only things keeping my implementation from feature-completeness…any help would be appreciated!

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Ok, that’s fine.

So I have two questions:

If I open a stream with the FSOUND_NORMAL flag, is there a way to then play the stream as a looping stream?

(this is what I was trying to do by setting the loop mode after playing the stream)

  • You can change the loop mode with samples by calling FSOUND_Sample_SetMode before you start the sample
  • Is there a way to do the same thing with streams?

If there is no anwser for the above question ….

What is the overhead in opening a stream each time I want to play it, and closing the stream after I am done with it.

  • This way I can specify the loop mode of the stream upon opening it
  • If using this method in our game, it is likely that a new stream will need to be opened every 10-40 seconds
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One more question…

Is there any way of getting a stream pointer if all I have is a channel handle?

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[quote:1wgyzjiq]Its usually a good idea to keep handles on your streams instead of letting them roam free [/quote:1wgyzjiq]
LOL – yeah fair enough

I am holding onto them …. I was just asking in the case that a class that
hasn’t started the stream, and doesn’t know about the class that did start
it, wants to then do stuff with it – an unlikely case, but there are some
situations where this could occur.

thanks for the link anyway – that was the function I’m after

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I got the dll, is there a .h file to go with that?

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