There seems to be a problem with the FX functions in Delphi. I’m having problems getting an equalizer to work. I’ve followed the tutorial and rtfm’ed pretty well but I am not getting consistent results.

I translated KarlKox’s VB equalizer (which works fine) to Delphi and incorporated it into the Testbed.dpr demo.

Problems so far:
1. FX work in the IDE but not at runtime in an exe.
2. Of the wavs I tested this with, some files do not resond to eq yet they are all the same rate etc..
3. It only works on the first play, I have to restart Delphi to get Eq working again.

I suspect it is a Directsound problem. I have DX9.

The source is here:

Can someone else with Delphi tell me how it goes with them please.



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I think you are having some DLL issues. Please see that you do not multiple dlls in multiple locations.

Like one in the Delphi\bin directory and another one in WIndows\system directory.

If WinXP then {Delphi Remark : Please check the System32 directory}
Delete fmod.dll ;
Proceed ahead coding your APP ;

please check the System32 directory and delete it.

If the DLL is in delphi\bin directory then I presume it will work fine while in IDE but since your app folder will be diffenrent would not be working fine without IDE.

I will suggest to put the latest DLL in the appl folder itself. These DLLs suck like anything.

I wish the FX were possible without the DirectX. Any one reading this and aware of ways and means doing this without DX and without coding algoriths for DSP , please help. It will be apprecited by the whole community. Ihate the idea of using a 3rd party service like DirectX to have FX. What happens if the user does not have DirectX 8+ ??? like the win95 guys ??? There are alot of guys around like that.

Any comparisions with XAudio would be appreciated as well.

Best wishes,

Anand Padhi

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