Hi, I’m new to this board, and I have a little problem.
I just added support for sounds in my project in Borland Delphi 7 (see my signature for more info), but I would like to know how to load the “fmod.dll” file in runtime.

I already looked in [ur]http://www.delphipages.com[/url] and [url:1aibcjhb]http://www.torry.net[/url:1aibcjhb] and I found out [b:1aibcjhb]LoadLibrary[/b:1aibcjhb] and [b:1aibcjhb]FreeLibrary[/b:1aibcjhb] routines for that matter.

But how to make sure that the DLL does not automatically load when you start the program ?

In the new FMOD release v3.62 there is an example on how to do this, but it’s only in C. There is no Delphi translation for it yet.

Oh, I’m using Borland Delphi 7 Enterprise and FMOD v3.62 (latest release)
Please help.

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>Thanks, I didn’t realize that “fmoddyn.pas” was for dynamic loading.

>But, even so, when I start the application without having the “fmod.dll” >file present, I always get the “This application has failed to start because >fmod.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this >problem” error message.

>Doesn’t the dynamic loading means that, if you don’t activate the FMOD >system, you don’t need to have the “fmod.dll” present to be able to run >the application ?

>Oh,by the way, before start using the FMOD, I always load the DLL by >using the “Load_FMOD” function… or do I need to declare a custom >library somewhere ?

I’m using the “spectrum.pas” source and it was using the “fmod.pas”, instead. I just changed it to use “fmoddyn.pas” and now everything works fine 😛

Thank you.
best regards.

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