One for brett maybe,
i have an application in development that plays back very low bitrate mp3’s for long periods of time (typically about 30 mins). however one file is 2hrs 28mins and 49 seconds long (mail me with you want a copy). Around 2hr 10mins gettime sometimes returns a VERY large negative number here are some examples

2hrs 10mins normal ~8364823
2hrs 10mins bad ~429837xxxx
Always fails before 2hrs 19mins and 11 seconds.

if it plays into this area, the getitme freezes at this value.

when it plays into this time and freezes it constantly returns 8304747 (2hrs 18mins 49 seconds) even tho it actually (in this instance) played till 2hrs 19mins and 33secs.

if you seek past this point , then gettime returns the VERY big number and counts down. It almost looks like a negative 2’s compliment number but at 32 bits that would be 1193 hrs. Do you use 24bit interger maths in the code? i say this because 8364823 is VERY close to 0x7fffff.

im hopefully releasing the product soon, so i need a quick fix. ive used the 3.62 wince posted recently.

I also noticed a thread with this question from about 2 years ago.
Entitled : MP3 Doesn’t Support Huge File Sizes???

Also working on using file position when this goes negative but that is very chuncky resolution as my buffer size is 5k and im playing at 16kbs so i get an update every 3 secs or so.


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Fantastic, ive asked my comercial dept to get a full site license as i can now use this in a host of products. Great support by the way , this was fixed in less than a day.

Looking forward to making many more sounds based apps



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