I have two soundcards installed and am running multiple.exe from the fmod api samples folder. These are the options I see:

1 – Primary Sound Driver
2 – VIA AC’97 Enhanced Audio (WAVE)
3 – Aztech Direct SOund Driver
4 – Game Compatible Device (emulated)
5 – Voice Modem Wave #01 Line (emulated)
6 – Voice Modem Wave #01 Handset (emulated)

Options 2 and 3 are two main differenct sound devices.

If I choose 2 and 3 then both of the sound streams are only played through device 3.

If I choose 2 and 2 then I hear the sounds through that soundcard.

If I choose 3 and 3 then I hear the sounds throught that soundcard.

So both soundcards are working but they do not both work at the same time. Have any of you other fmod users had the same problem and if so did you get it to work and how?



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We did it by using 2 instances of fmod (ex. fmod1.dll, fmod2.dll)

Find a fmoddyn.h for your c++ project and it’s done.
For VB there’s some topic hanging around here.

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Thanks guys that works a treat 😀

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