Everything was working fine then my machine was updated to DirectX9.
If I pause my music application or when the song gets to the end it hangs for a while then will start again after about 1 minute. By using different combinations for Openfile and PlayEx I can get it to stop this but then the
FSOUND_FX_SetParamEQ doesn’t work or the VU and spectrum doesn’t work. I can’t get it all to work at the same time.
The same code works on my home machine with DirectX8.
I’ve downloaded the most current .dll from here.
When I went back to the fmod vbsample1 I get this error when clicking on the eq check box or trying the eq sliders:
Runtime error 49
Bad DLL calling convention

at code:
dsp_setlowpassparams 0,lp_low,250,lp_mid,1800,lp_high,2000

any ideas?

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i also this problem.
when i was tested sample1 in the samplevb folder.

in modle fo this source declare as below,
Public Declare Function dsp_SetLowPassParams Lib “fmod_dsp_lowpass.dll”

but where can i sound fmod_dsp_lowpass.dll??????

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