I am using FMOD with visual c++6 to play wavs and .IT’s. The first problem i’m having is that when the IT is supposed to modify the speed of the song (speed up the tempo), FMOD slows it down.
The other problem is that sometimes the songs speed up drastically with no reason, and return to normal speed, just to suddenly speed up again.
Before I started programming with FMOD, I checked out the examples given with FMOD and the same thing happened there (Either in the simplest.exe or the fmod.exe, or maybe both)
I have SB Live soundcard
The same problem occured on a different computer, running on winxp, using “Advance AC’97 Audio” card.
Any help would do!
Thank you,

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Maybe no one uses IT anymore? =)
I will send it to you.
The problem occurs on order 5 which is also pattern 5
I ussue a T command to increase tempo.
The Impulse tracker plays it good, but FMOD decreases the tempo.

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