Instead of trying to classify music by bpm’s, I use this formula to get how much ‘energy’ a song has. It seems to work very well within genres.

I keep count each time I take a reading.
I read the VU and each time it peaks, count that as one VUBeat.
The increase in the VU value from when it started going up is VUTotal.
I keep a running total of each, VUBeats and VUTotal.

I use the following formula to get a number in the range of 1 to about 15:


This provides a value that within a genre relates wether or not a song is percieved as slow or fast. It’s not an exact science, I just kept tweaking the formula to get numbers that worked for me. I only use the VULeft, but you could try getting readings from both. I also tried using the increase and beats of each spectrum frequency but found it didn’t give any better numbers and was alot more code and processor time.

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