hey every1, so i have been developing my app. and its comign along great.. but was hoping for a few clairifcations:

1> i am detecting for 3d abilities on each driver… it seems that my MM waveOut drivers dont alllow it, and yet dsound does.. do winMM drivers not support it or something i am missing? i am win2000 so waveout is quicker me thinks.

2> is velocity used for anything other than calculating doppler effects?

3> will ASIO be supported for recording in FMOD anytime soon/ever?

4> how would i go about recording from a sterio channel, but then seperating the left and right into seperate streams and play them back(full duplex) in 3d…..

5> i am opening an audio clip to be played in 3d, and have to use force mono to get it to work… does force mono: combine left and right sides/ or just use the left side?

thanx for all yer previous advice and help brett, it was increadibly useful/..


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