I never worked with fmod before
I’ m trying to play a sound and keep track of the time it is playing,
therefore I would always read in a buffer of eg. one second and play it,
how should I do this?
or is there another method to keep track of the time?

I practicely know nothing about fmod yet
I hope someone can help,


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I suppose I could also use FSOUND_Stream_GetTime
to know where I am in the sound?

Can I use this only with FSOUND_Stream _Create?
Do I need the callback if I read in the whole sound file at once?
or is this not the right thing to do?
If I choose for buffers of 1 sec,
what should the callback function look like?
How do I determine Length and samplerate?


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He just wants to keep track of the time the song’s been playing. In that case, he could just call FSOUND_Stream_GetTime on the handle loaded from FSOUND_Stream_OpenFile… I can’t see why he’s going through all the trouble of making custom streams and whatnot.

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