hi guys,

New to this sort of development and have run into a few problems, there must be someone out there who can help me….PLEASE!!!!!!

Does anybody know how i can get the ‘waveform’ of an mp3 file, like you see if you load it into an editor of something. This does not have to be acutate but just a ‘Representation’ of the sample???

Also, i need to get the bpm of an mp3, it DOES not need to be that accurate, just to about 5 bpm. it’s for reference not for beat matching or the stuff those dj’ type goes on about.

Anyway, if anybody can help me , i’ll return the favour as i can ( your not getting anything used though boys !!!! he he)

ps. Am i the first girly in this formum :)



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I have a bmp counter and beat detector example at

It is not very accurate but It’s close.

I can’t really help you on the wave form (I’m trying to figure it out myself)
but what I did was load my file, then create a For: Next loop and cycle
through the song while plotting the current Volume level to a picture box.

This method is really slow, choppy and crude.

I’m sure someone here has a better way.

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Weeeeeeeee, well at least i know the bpm thing is not impossible, the link you gave, is the source code included, or an explanation of how to do it?

I have some code which will acuratly plot the waveform of a wav file ( looks just like it would in an editing screen ), so i suppose i could use a docoder to put it into a tempfile then run that code to get the waveform and store it in a database?????


Would share that code if you could let me have the bpm code

Thanks anyway your a star


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Yes, Rach, The source code is included. The Beat detector isn’t the best
in the world :) . But close enough.

Have fun!

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