Just a few questions to ask. At present it is not possible to apply any filters to the output obtained from the audio stream of a video file. I wished to create a video player that supported DSP based filters such as AutoGain and other usful filters (IIR Ring Modulation, etc).

FMOD simply uses directshow and ignores the video and plays back the audio directly through directshow which means nothing passess through the buffer to allow us control of the audio stream(s).

I have been searching for a while on how to somehow ‘extract’ the audio streams and possibly re-sync the modified audio with the video using keyframes. To my knowledge some other players are capable of applying DSP effects (even layered) to audio output. For example the equilizer in winamp effects the video audio and also BSPlayer seems to also be capable of handling this via winamp plugins.

Another issue is that i really didn’t want to use directshow at all, because it means another dependicey. But the only other alternative is VFW, which is old and not as flexiable from an API standpoint.

Does anyone have any ideas of how to utilize video using an external source such as DirectShow but use FMOD to handle audio streams and apply dsp effects?

Also a few more questions.

1) I assume when the new streaming support arrives (in version 3.70) that DSP effects will function still on these stream?

2) Is their anyway to broadcast audio output using FMOD, without creating a winamp dsp shoutcast host?

Apart from this i am very happy with fmod, its answered alot of my questions and is helping me work towards great things! Once again thanks for this.

Best Regards,

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Neural>search the forum for “winamp”, you ll find a dll wich add support for vis/dsp/input winamp plugins through fmod 😉

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thanks for the replys guys.


i wasn’t at all relating my statement about video with internet streaming. I think their has been either been bad description on my part or incorrect interpetation on yours.

Also when i was refering to “new streaming”, i was related to the new FMOD Player which uses fmod 3.70 (with working stream support). If i recall, it was thought the previous versions were “downloading” then playing back audio rather than directly streaming. A bug that co-existed in the DX SDK also.

Is their anyway to force dshow audio output to FMOD? I am really keen to take this concept further. Obviously fmod is an audio library and it does a great job of being one, but audio isn’t always standalone, AVI is simply multiplexed video and audio (like Divx and MP3, etc).

The shoutcast broadcasting dosent need to be part of FMOD anyhow, because winamp DSP’s function correctly with FMOD using an emulation layer. So in theroy, the shoutcast DSP will function using this method.

With that said, i am look forward to FMOD 4, espically with alot of new features included.


Thanks for the reply. I was aware of Winamp DSP’s being able to be used along side FMOD. Thanks anyway!

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