Thanks for the helping I get here, I created my DSP unit to capture the voice data from the mic (in machine A) and inside the same DSP unit, I use socket function to send them out to network, is this an appropriate step? or is there a better way(or better place) to do so?

2)if answer to 1) is YES, then I want to know when the DSP units will be invoked. In the document, it says: the DSP unit will be invokes around 25ms. Question : Is the DSP unit will be invoked every time when the new data is ready( which means everytime the newbuffer will contain new voice data) or it will be invoked every 25ms no matter what(which makes things really hard)

 3)(Sorry for so many question) In the other side of the network, a stream is created to get the data from the network, but I still don't know WHEN the stream callback function will be called: is it triggered when data is ready or triggered by time? Is there any way that I can customize the buffer?

  I found FMOD is  a really good music lib , when you don't know or don't need to play with TCP/IP network, but if you need to use the music data for other purpose, you will find that you really don't have too much access to the data buffer! like in directX, you have full access to the buffer data, so that you can freely play with it.  

   I am still trying to convince my boss to use FMOD for our project, but I need to work out how to make FMOD working  in the network scheme, you help is really appreciated.

    If allowd by the designer here(wake up, andrew and brett!), after I make the code kicking and running, I'd like to give out an example showing how to capture and stream real time voice data over TCP/IP network and (ofcause) playback them on another machine. Maybe it will be helpful for sb who is also working(and struggling) on the same topic.

Fight ON!

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