when I call FSOUND_Stream_GetLengthMs() to get the length of an Ogg file, I get impossible values, e.g. over 6000 Minutes for an about 5 Minutes long file. FSOUND_Stream_GetTime() works fine, though…

Used code (slighty shortened):
FSOUND_STREAM *stream = FSOUND_Stream_Open( file, FSOUND_HW2D, 0, 0 );
ULONG trackLength = FSOUND_Stream_GetLengthMs( stream );
int min = trackLength / 60000;
int sec = (trackLength – min * 60000) / 1000;

– eMbedded VC++ 3.0
– FModCe 3.70
– Oggs created with [url=http://www.cdex.n3.net/:2en3fic3]CDex[/url:2en3fic3], libVorbis encoder, “Quality setting” 2

If I do anything wrong, please tell me what, if not, it would be nice if the bug’s killed in an upcoming release… 😉

For all those who want to see the player I’m working on: [url=http://www.sto-helit.de/downloads/pocketpc/MortPlayer3en.exe:2en3fic3]Download[/url:2en3fic3].
It’s special features are big buttons, low resource hogs, and directory based “playlists”, i.e., there’s no playlist modification needed when you add or remove a song. But this lead also to a slightly “unusual” interface…
There’s currently no english documentation. If you understand German, you might look [url=http://www.ppc-welt-community.info/Community/showthread.php?s=&postid=242612#post242612:2en3fic3]here[/url:2en3fic3] for more information.
By now, there’s no length dispay, and the track position works with GetLength/GetPosition (i.e. the file position)…

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[quote="brett":d4qut8o2]is the file you are using particularly large?[/quote:d4qut8o2]
No, I’ve tested several songs, all with usual track lengths between about 2:30 and 7 minutes.

[quote="brett":d4qut8o2]is this ogg only?[/quote:d4qut8o2]
It seems so. I usually don’t use MP3 on my PPC since Ogg is smaller, but for the few files I tried, I got the real track length.

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