i am testing fmod 3.7 on Mac OS X 2.8
at the moment i am using libmikmod. an so i missing (or maybe not finding) some options.

1) how can i switch between 16Bit and 8Bit Output
2) how can i reinit the lib with 22khz?
if i call FSOUND_Close(); -> if(!FSOUND_Init(22000, 64, FSOUND_INIT_USEDEFAULTMIDISYNTH)) {
i get the error Message [quote:2inz7ph1]Error initializing output device[/quote:2inz7ph1]
3) how can i read the instrument table
4) by some compressed IT files i get the error message [quote:2inz7ph1]Not enough memory[/quote:2inz7ph1]?

Bye Sven

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Hey, first i want to thank to your quick answer.

to 1 and 2 ok , i and the user can live with that 😉
to 3, damned :-)

to 4.
hehe, this problem occurs only in your sample code <simple> and <simplest>. i have embeded the fmod 3.7 into my player and there the files play perfectly ( Developer Studio Mac OS X 10.2.8 )
[url=http://stalkingwolf.de/temp/itfile.zip:3bjs9pff]the zipped file[/url:3bjs9pff]

but i’ve got this file which didn’t play correct ….
[url=http://stalkingwolf.de/temp/itfile2.zip:3bjs9pff]the zipped file with problem[/url:3bjs9pff]
Maybe you’ve got an idea.


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nice ….
i have to say, quick and good support !

keep up the good work!

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