My program uses a different sample for each channel; it pauses and unpauses each channel as necessary. This is the function in question:

void printChannelsList(){
int count;
for(count=0; count<maxChannels; count++)
printf(“Channel %d: %s\n”, count+1, FSOUND_Sample_GetName(FSOUND_GetCurrentSample(count)));

Now, each of those channels(1-maxchannels, in this case 1-15), has a sample assigned to it; unpausing the channel plays it back just fine. But this print function prints a list of blank or null names:

Channel 1: (null)
Channel 2:
Channel 3: (null)


The files in each channel are .wav files, so shouldn’t FSOUND_Sample_GetName return the filename? or am I just being incredibly stupid and missing something obvious?

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