Been playing around with FMOD for awhile and worked it into a little game demo I’m working on. I’ve encountered some problems while using FMOD, and invariably they have all just been settled as my own stupidity.

However, I’ve encountered a particular weird set of problems that I just do not understand. I fear that they might be related…

1) Unpausing a sample that I have set for loading doesn’t always begin it playing right away or even after I unpause the channel… it seemingly begins later at random times.
2) If the first sound I try to play is an MP3 (loaded as a sample), it plays just fine. But if the first sound I try to play is a WAV is starts playing load for a few moments and then goes very very quiet.

I’m certain I am causing this somehow, I just have no idea where I can start looking to solve this problem (any assistance would be greatly appreciated).

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