I’m having a few problems with DSP… in particular with

When I create a DSP for a stream using FSOUND_Stream_CreateDSP there
is a delay of about half a second when I adjust any variables that
affect the DSP function.

This delay does not occur if I create a global DSP effect (ie.
using FSOUND_DSP_Create) that affects all the streams.

What is also odd is that there is no delay on things that are probably
also done in the DSP (like the panning and volume stuff)

I need to be able to create this “per-stream” affect as I have
found that this is only was to get hardware-accelerated sounds
to be affected by DSP effects.

I thought that it might be a hardware issue, but… this problem affects
streams loaded without HW2D or HW3D flags. I don’t think that it is a
hardware issue. Does FMOD “pre-buffer” data from the stream before it
goes into the 50ms buffer.

  1. Is there another way to get HW2D or HW3D sound to be affected by
    DSP effects without per stream DSP (I presume not)?
  2. Is there any logical reason for this delay?

Any suggestions?

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Thanks… I didn’t realise there was a function to set up
the size of a stream buffer.

I’m definately gonna load the stream from memory and create
a small buffer.

Excellent 😀

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