I’ve got 2D and 3D versions of audioEmitter objects and the problem I am experiencing seems to happen when both are in use at the same time.

The audio is loaded from FSBs for both so the loading parameters for both are as follows


I use the FMUSIC_LoadSongEx to get the module from which I access each of the FSOUND_SAMPLE’s.

I have a listener position linked to the camera.
The problems I experience, involve an increase in the volume when
3D sounds begin playing. Note 2D sounds are in continuous play.
Volume is controlled globally so this is not the problem I hope.
Some of the 2D sounds also do not sound correct when they play
in that they appear dulled out or something. Any ideas/suggestions would
be appreciated

Ger :)

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Hi Brett,

Your stab in the dark I would say is correct. 3D sound is getting muffled
and it also raises the volume level of other sounds. Actually, I am presuming this is the case as I replaced my 3D implementation with a 2D emitter and could confirm almost seconds after submitting my request.
I’ve tried everything I can think of for now to get the noise effect with 3D reduced and this involved normalizing sounds etc but none of this had any effect as it always remained. HRTF sounds like the problem, do you know of any methods to reduce this effect?

Apologies for the lack of clarity with the submission….

Ger :)

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