I just spent a few hours tracking down clicks that don’t exist, except when you use cheap headphones. 😥

For the test code which <b>doesn’t click</b> except on <i>cheap speakers and headphones</i> you can <b>click</b> [url=http://www.wulfram.com/debug:2tkrfy8t]here[/url:2tkrfy8t]. [size=75:2tkrfy8t]please ignore the text that claims there is clicking.[/size:2tkrfy8t].

Obviously I need better equipment if I’m going to be working on sound stuff. Speaking of which, I’ll also be working on recording streams soon. Can anyone recommend a high quailty head phone and microphone combination that will work together with the sound blaster audigy? I guess I can buy the headphone and microphone seperate, but I’m just curious.

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