I have the following block of code being used to play theme tracks.

m_playChannel = FSOUND_Stream_PlayEx( FSOUND_FREE , m_trackStream , NULL , true);

FSOUND_SetPan( m_playChannel, KP_STEREOPAN );
FSOUND_SetPriority( m_playChannel, KP_PRIORITY_FULL );
FSOUND_SetLoopMode( m_playChannel, loopMode );

m_channelList.pushBack( m_playChannel );

FSOUND_SetPaused( m_playChannel, false);

I load the stream in a paused state and then set parameters on the channel. I set loop mode to ON for the channel but the audio on this
channel does not play when I set the loopmode inside the pause/unpause.
If I move the code to set looping on, outside of the pause/unpause the audio will play fine. I have yet to validate if the audio track is looped at all but my question is, why is the audio not playing when I set the looping inside the pause/unpause. I thought the pause/unpause was to be allow for setting channels up.

Can you explain?

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