I’m making an multimedia player in VB (video with subtitles and so on) for quite a long time now… Recently I implemented fmod 3.71 into the project… And the problem is, I have no idea how to set up an 10 band Eq window (like Winamp has)… Any help would be apreciated… I tried most of the samples I could find, but they were for older fmod versions (and so incompatible) or the just did not work for me…

Please help! ๐Ÿ˜•

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Check the documentation under the FX API and read about how to use FSOUND_FX_SetParamEQ. It should be pretty straightforward, all you really have to do is make 10 sliders, or whatever you want to set the gain, and for each slider you need to specify a center frequency from 80 to 16000 hz. When you change the slider pos it would adjust the gain for the specified center frequency from -15 to +15.

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This is a snippet from my FMOD ocx:


'Set the Eq FX
    For intX = 0 To 9
        lngEQ(intX) = FSOUND_FX_Enable(lngChan, FSOUND_FX_PARAMEQ)
    Next intX


lngEQ is the FX handle for Each slider
To set the Eq:

Public Sub FXSetEQ(lngIndex As Long, sngValue As Single)
On Error Resume Next

'Define variables
Dim sngCenter As Single

Select Case lngIndex
    Case 0: sngCenter = 80
    Case 1: sngCenter = 170
    Case 2: sngCenter = 310
    Case 3: sngCenter = 600
    Case 4: sngCenter = 1000
    Case 5: sngCenter = 3000
    Case 6: sngCenter = 6000
    Case 7: sngCenter = 12000
    Case 8: sngCenter = 14000
    Case 9: sngCenter = 16000
End Select
'Set EQ
Call FSOUND_FX_SetParamEQ(lngEQ(lngIndex), sngCenter, 18, sngValue)

End Sub

If you really want you can download my FMOD ocx and a sample

Download X Media Developers Edition. Source in VB6

Hope this helps

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This works for me now… Thank you both ๐Ÿ˜€

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