Hi there!

I was wondering if anyone else ran into what I experienced today:

I was playing around with the FSOUND_GetChannelsPlaying() which I never used before. It gives me back a number, e.g. “2”, which are the channels I loaded with a PlaySoundEx, even if they are still paused, but thats not the point. It acts strange, because that call generates a fmod_error 14 FMOD_ERR_INVALID_PARAM although the method does not take any argument.

Is this a know bug??

BTW: I encourage anyone who builds up a new project to call a error-catcher after every single Fmod-Call. It helped me alot in finding most bugs, and you can make some if your project gets more complex.

like this:

checkFMODError(“updateSoundAPI_0 “);
cout << “FMOD: Channels playing right now: ” <<
FSOUND_GetChannelsPlaying() << endl;
checkFMODError(“updateSoundAPI_1 “);
checkFMODError(“updateSoundAPI_2 “);

void checkFMODError(string errortext)
int fmoderror = 0;
fmoderror = FSOUND_GetError();
if (fmoderror) cout << “***FMOD ERRORCODE: ” <<
fmoderror << ” ” << errortext<< endl;

Have fun!
Tomas aka MVD

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