when i use metadata callback function i got the pointers to “name” and “value” of the metadata but…. when i use the getstringfrompointer function i only have null values…. here is my function

Public Sub FSOUND_METADATACALLBACK(ByVal name As Long, value As Long, ByVal userdata As Long)

Debug.Print “——” & vbCrLf & “name:(” & name & “) ” & GetStringFromPointer(name) & vbCrLf & “value:(” & value & “) ” & GetStringFromPointer(value) & vbCrLf & vbCrLf

End Sub

the result is:

name:(70529864) ARTIST


name:(70529856) TITLE


name:(77272313) StreamUrl

why i can’t retrive the title and the artist and the stream url ?????

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thanks KarLKoX… but i’m not working with an mp3 file … i’m working with internet shoutcast streaming…. using the procedure described in the tutorial i can retireve all but artist and title

by this procedure….

Call FSOUND_Stream_GetNumTagFields(streamhandle, numtags)
For i = 0 To numtags – 1
Call FSOUND_Stream_GetTagField(streamhandle, i, typetag, namepointer, valuepointer, length)
value = GetStringFromPointer(valuepointer, length)
name = GetStringFromPointer(namepointer)
debug.print name & “: ” & value
Next i

i retrieve only this:

icy-notice1: <BR>This stream requires <a href=”http://www.winamp.com/”>Winamp</a><BR>
icy-notice2: SHOUTcast Distributed Network Audio Server/Linux v1.9.2<BR>
icy-name: Radio FG – Live Techno from Paris – 128 Kbps
icy-genre: Techno House Live
icy-url: http://www.radiofg.com
icy-pub: 1
icy-br: 128

any idea to make METADATACALLBACK function (look to my previous post) to work properly in VB ???

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Try making all arguments ByVal.

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thanks a lot….. now it works… i missed the “byval”

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