I’m developing a streaming client and had a lot of trouble the last weeks when I tried to synchronise play between 2 and more PCs. First I couldn’t find a reason because my network timesync based on performance counters works with an accuracy of 50µs for all connected PCs, but it still played always a little bit out of sync 😕 . Measurements with an Oscilloscope showed that the PCs were really in sync.
Finally I found the answer last Friday in the fmodforum: FSOUND_Stream_GetTime was only updated every 25ms. Then I thought about posting a request to the forum today.
And now something incredible happend: A new version was there that should solve exactly my problem – I couldn’t believe it.
Well I did an immediate test with my latest sourcecode and it really worked perferct. Now my streams are absolutely in sync!!!

Thank you very much!!!
😀 Marcus

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