When the docs say that when FSOUND_3D_SetAttributes is passed a NULL pos or vel vector they will be ignored, what exactly does it mean that they will be ignored?

Experimentation seems to show that passing NULL pos and vel vectors actually places the position to that of the listener (and possibly the velocity too, although I haven’t tested that). But as soon as the listener moves, the sounds, being stationary, are heard to attenuate. So “ignore” seems to mean placing the sound at the listener’s position and then leaving it at that default initial position. However, I’d assume that “ignoring” these parameters would mean that the sound is always heard at the listener’s position, regardless of where the listener moves or its orientation (i.e. as if no 2d/3d sound were being used at all).

Which interpretation is implemented? Also, does a call exist where one can set a sound to always plays at the listener’s position, or must such sound samples always have their positions manually synched to that of the listener?

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