I’m trying to use mp3 streams as background music for a computergame..

During the initialisation, I set a static variabel MusicChannel to FSOUND_FREE, afterwards I play a mp3 stream with MusicChannel=FSOUND_Stream_Play(MusicChannel, stream)

everything is fine, until I want to switch to another stream.

[code:24l0y7b2]MusicChannel=FSOUND_Stream_Play(MusicChannel, otherstream) [/code:24l0y7b2]

works fine, but I can’t switch back to the old Stream at a later time.
If I try to stop the old Stream, the Channel is stopped and I am not able to reopen it.

MusicChannel=FSOUND_Stream_Play(MusicChannel, otherstream)[/code:24l0y7b2]

gets me a FMOD_ERR_INVALID_PARAM error, whereas

MusicChannel=FSOUND_Stream_Play(FSOUND_FREE, otherstream)[/code:24l0y7b2]


Can you help me?

Thanks, b_evil

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