Hello! What I need to do is to get a full spectrum of a whole sound I created (with system.createSound() function).

I tried to adapt code from the answer given here, but I couldn’t find any Unity’s alternative for FMOD_DSP_FFT_SPECTRUMDATA, but also Unity’s getParameterData() function has completely different set of parameters to pass into (index, data and length).

Here’s a snippet of code I have by now (the last line is commented out, because it obviously is wrong):

FMOD.DSP fftdsp;
result = system.createDSPByType (DSP_TYPE.FFT, out fftdsp);
result = channel.addDSP (0, fftdsp);
//result = fftdsp.getParameterData (0, out data, out length);

Am I missing something? Thanks in advance.

P.S. Sorry for posting so many questions lately, just don’t really have time or any advanced knowledge whatsoever to figure this all out by myself.

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