Is it possible to ‘group’ specific audio tracks from different events so that I can easily apply the same effects and levels etc to them simultaneously?


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Audio tracks in separate events can’t be grouped in this fashion. However, you can achieve a similar effect in several different ways.

Using the mixer:

  • For example, you could add to each audio track in question a send to a return bus, then place the effects on that return bus. Of course, sends duplicate a signal, so you would need to deal with the original signal in some way.
  • You could also route the output of your events into group buses that are subject to the effects you want.
  • If it’s only levels you’re concerned with and not effects, you could add the events to group buses that are controlled by the same VCA.

Without using the mixer:

  • If the audio tracks are identically named, you can multi-select the events in the event editor and make use of FMOD Studio’s bulk editing features to edit all those tracks’ signal chains at the same time.
  • You can copy effects from one audio track’s signal chain and paste them in another.
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