We are getting the following warning logged after an upgrade to UE 4.16 + FMOD 1.10:

LogFMOD:Warning: Failed to set initial parameter Direction

The error gets logged each time an event with the built in FMOD ‘Direction’ parameter is triggered.

These have remained unchanged since our 1.09 build, so I am unsure what this message means. Is there a way to define the initial parameter? In FMOD Studio, this value is defaulted to 0.0.

We also make use of the built in ‘Distance’ parameter which is not exhibiting the same warnings…

Let me know if I’ve missed something!


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Thanks for reporting this Alec, it is indeed a bug.
The integration should be ignoring the built in parameters because they don’t get set using setParameterValue().

I will make sure this is fixed for the next release (1.10.01).

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